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What is Prana?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for energy. Stress management and deep relaxation is best achieved through deep breathing or pranayama.

Meditation JohannesburgThe entire Universe, at every level and in every form, is made up of energy. This energy is known as prana. Your body is a form of prana, so are your thoughts and feelings, so is light. These forms of prana differ from one another in terms of the rate and amplitude of their vibrations. Solids are prana in a grosser form; thoughts, in a finer form. The finest form of prana is white light or the sound OM. This light or sound, which could also be called Delta is then moulded and manipulated by the mind to create the endless feelings and forms that we experience on the Beta level.

We learned at school that you couldn't destroy energy; you can only change its form. Every quantum of energy is interchangeable with every other one, and there is continuous change; continuous transformation of energy from one form to another. Thus, everything in the Universe is interrelated, and there is no death; only the changing of form.

We presently find ourselves stuck at the grossest level of consciousness, the Beta plane. Our purpose is now to work our way back through Alpha, Theta and then, finally, into Delta. Until the final Delta state is reached, an individual keeps his separate identity. And this separate being is a conduit through which energy passes. This separate entity is able to receive prana at a vibration similar to the level of consciousness, or colour, at which there is still attachment. Thus, if you are attached to Beta you are limited to the physical plane and you receive prana in a physical form. This is through food, water, and air. Some of this prana is expended in gross muscle activity and reproduction, while another part of the prana is transformed into a finer form, which is used for feelings and thought.

Holistic Meditation and relaxationWhen you have succeeded in fully breaking the identification with your body, senses and thoughts, or Beta levels, prana becomes available to you at a higher vibrational rate. This higher vibration energy will then allow you move still higher until you finally reach Delta. This is achieved by deepening your Alpha state, through breathing and meditation exercises, allowing you to transcend thoughts and merge into pure consciousness. This is the highest form of awareness. Short of this state, however, there are many intermediate steps in which you need to become free of attachments, so that there is no unfinished business at the lower levels.

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