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 How the MindFrame Technique® works.

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All our problems, whether they are health, financial or relationships, are simply due to misperceptions or faulty thought patterns. These misperceptions which are usually formed during childhood, will persist until we do something about them. Why wait until they translate into physical ailments, broken relationships or failed careers. You have the power right now to change your mind and turn your life around.

Ignorance of the laws that govern the mind and body cause us to blame other people and outer circumstances for our predicament. Having done so we give away our power and allow our problems to persist and compound. The anger, anxiety, depression, headaches and sleepless nights that follow, weaken the body's immune system and natural defenses resulting in the many dis-eases, dis-orders and financial pressures we experience today.

The ego is the false 'Self' created by your belief that you can be separate from your source. This thought of separation brings about fear because you are no longer in touch with safety of your 'True Self'. You now feel lost and afraid and begin the desperate and futile attempt to protect the illusionary ego. This resulting fear is the sole cause of the breakdown of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

When you face the fear it disappears because it was a misperception in the first place. What is 'Real' can never be threatened and therefore in Truth there is nothing to fear. If there is nothing to fear there are no real problems, only imaginary ones which can be dispelled by turning the faulty thought patterns or misperceptions around.

Although we inherit certain genetic tendencies from our parents we can change this chemical code with the power of our mind. We learnt at school that every thought creates a chemical reaction in the brain. It stands to reason then that by changing your mind you can change your DNA. The mind permeates every cell of your body, so whatever you think reflects in the body.

The MindFrame Technique teaches you a simple way of entering a deep, relaxed state of mind and body. It is from this Alpha state that you can identify the misperceptions and simply turn them around with the click of your fingers. You will become the master of your life instead of a victim of circumstance. Dis-cover the Truth of who you really are and all your problems will be solved.

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