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Mind what you think, says expert

PETALING JAYA: Negative thoughts distort your problems, said a hypnotherapist at the Minds Festival. 

Terry Winchester, currently visiting Malaysia said: “The faulty thought patterns veil the true self and are responsible for all your problems. 

“The mind has the power to identify misperceptions and turn them around.” 


Bee whisperer: Winchester talking to African killer bees to calm them down before moving them to a safe location.
He added that problems were created by “your thoughts, therefore, if you can change your mind, your problems simply disappear because they did not exist in the first place – you only thought they did.” 

Winchester said in an interview that through the mind frame technique, which he teaches, sufferers of depression and anxiety, were cured within a few days. 

“Addictive habits like smoking and drinking can be transformed into positive behavioural patterns. 

“Mental blocks – most of which originate from childhood – are removed, making way for the realisation of our true potential,” he said. 

“As all our problems are simply misperceptions, it is only a matter of changing our minds and we will naturally gravitate back to a perfect state of health, wealth and happiness.” 

The first step, he said was to enter the magical “Alpha” state of mind, a powerful form of psychotherapy that allows a person to access the unlimited subconscious mind. 

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He will be visiting Malaysia again on Dec 1 to teach the mindframe technique. 

For information on the seminar, call 019-221 6723. 


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