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Private Holistic Hypnotherapy
with the MindFrame Technique

The MindFrame Technique® is a process of holistic self-hypnosis enabling the participant to access the subconscious mind, identify the faulty thought pattern and turn it around. The process is the result of over 35 years of study and research in the field of hypnosis and has moved far beyond the conventional understanding of this often misunderstood term. This new groundbreaking approach puts South Africa at the leading edge of Western interpretation of such holistic healing methods.

What is Holistic Hypnosis?

Holistic Hypnosis or The MindFrame Technique, addresses the whole Being - body, mind and spirit. In the absence of this holistic approach, hypnosis is merely another method of suppressing symptoms. In order for there to be a successful and lasting result, there has to be a shift in the subject's perception. If this does not happen, the old pattern will simply return.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

The word 'hypno' is the Greek word for sleep. Everyone can go to sleep at night and therefore everyone can be hypnotised. All that is required is that we relax and get out of the Beta or left-brain functioning. By being in the relaxed Alpha state of mind you have the ability to re-pattern the subconscious in any way that you wish and thereby re-create your future. This self-induced deep state of relaxation is called Holistic Hypnosis.

Is it safe?

It is no different to going to sleep at night, only you will have complete, conscious control. This actually makes it safer than normal sleep, where one has no control.

All in the mind...

Every ailment physical, emotional or mental starts in the mind. A disease or disorder must ultimately can only be healed by a change in your mind. The word disease or disorder means to be out of order—to distort the natural order of things. Only the mind can distort the harmonious balance that is in and around us all the time.

If you were mindful of the moment you could not have a problem. It is only your negative thoughts from the past that can disturb the peace of the here and now. By entertaining the negative thought patterns that were created through ignorance in the past; you recreate the negative consequences now. All you have to do to get rid of this suffering is choose to see it differently. Although these misperceptions may have been set up in your childhood, you don’t have to go back to the original event. Regression therapy is now a thing of the past as you will simply work with the latest, up-to-date version.

The latest psychological processes make a mistake when they stress the necessity to address the original faulty pattern through hypnosis or some other analytical means. This is not necessary because as long as this distortion remains in the subconscious and has not been resolved through the normal processes of life, it will present itself anew in our everyday circumstances.

If you buy a second-hand computer and it is not functioning properly you don’t have to go back and analyse who programmed it incorrectly and why, you simply get into the inner code and correct the fault. However, you do need to know the correct language so that you can overwrite the error. The language of the subconscious mind is mental images, so if you have a problem in your life, enter the subconscious mind through relaxation and imagine your problem corrected. The corrected version will immediately begin to play out in your every day life.

To give credence to this old erroneous thought process only compounds the problem. Your point of power is right now and you have the choice to literary snap out of the old faulty pattern with the ‘click of your fingers.’

Private hypnotherapy consists of 5 One-hour sessions, usually every other day.
 During the therapy you will work with the 5 Steps of the MindFrame Technique, which will provide you with the tools to be the master of your mind - FOREVER!



Please email sal@mindframe.co.za or call 011 706 5447 to book your session


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