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Hypnotherapist believes visualising can help us attain what we want

ONE may worry that a shiny new car might be involved in an accident or get scratched, and the worries come true.  

Plain coincidence, or is it something more than that? 


Stressing a point: Winchester makes it clear just what he believes in.
World-renowned holistic hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Terry Winchester feels it is not just coincidence.  

“We actually attract what we fear,” he said.  

Winchester, the author of the book Only Your Thoughts Can Upset You, warns that whatever image one holds before them will come about, whether one likes it or not.  

During an interview in Petaling Jaya recently, Winchester said a person’s thought patterns could help achieve incredible results or vice versa.  

For those who want to get their dream car, for instance, he has this advice.  

“Visualise your dream car; once before going to sleep and upon waking up in the morning.  

“You must visualise test-driving your dream car, the model and how much it costs,” he said.  

When asked how long it would take for a dream to materialise, Winchester said it would come naturally and “when it happens, it is a miracle.”  

Winchester is scheduled to speak on the topic Master Your Life Through the Power of Your Mind at the four-day inaugural Malaysia Festival of the Mind at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Petaling Jaya that began on Thursday. ) 

Back home in Johannesburg, Winchester runs a holistic hypnosis and relaxation clinic. 

The Winchester Foundation he founded more than 30 years ago conducts Alpha Mind Power Training and operates a hypnotherapy clinic for the public. 

Like many a successful man, Winchester, too, has an interesting story behind his success.  

His discovery and subsequent fascination over how the mind works began from his search for ways to overcome his personal problems and limitation.  

Growing up in Rhodesia and second among four siblings, Winchester says life was wonderful before his parents divorced. His father was an alcoholic. 

A normal childhood almost vanished overnight, to be replaced by his incessant questioning on the meaning of life. 

And being dyslexic certainly compounded his problems then, he recalls, saying that was when he started to read many books, especially on hypnotherapy.  

The rest, as they say, was history.  

And Winchester is not only good at handling human beings. 

Back home, he is also well sought after to tame and remove African killer bees by simply talking to them.  

“I never believe in killing animals,” he said.  

Winchester is married to Lauren, a psychologist, and the couple have two children; Tao, 24 and Mecah, 29.  


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