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Complete Box & e-box mp3 download

The Complete Box consists of 6 CD's, 2 DVD's plus your free gifts. The e-Box consists of 12 downloadable mp3's and an e-manual. Everything you need to enable you to master your mind and turn your life around. These simple steps can be used to help you with any problems you might be experiencing.

You will find a voucher in the box, entitling you to a half price MindFrame Seminar when we are in your area.

Step 1 - Deep Relaxation

From this deep refreshing state of being, you can now access the creative subconscious mind and by working at this level of mind, you can work on your old faulty patterns and turn your life around.

Main uses:

To reach deep physical relaxation
To harmonise your sleep cycles
To communicate with the subconscious mind

Step 2 – The Mental Mirror

Step 2
- is the foundation of the Mindframe Technique®. This is the main tool used at this creative dimension. It is a revolving mirror, which will simply help you identify any faulty pattern and help you turn it around. It has a black frame on one side and on the other side is a white frame. The black frame always represents the negative, the past. You turn it around and you arrive at the positive, in the white frame. The more you use this technique the more health, wealth and happiness will come into your life. You have energised your solution! You have created your future!

Main uses:

To turn negative patterns into positive outcomes
To set future goals
To heal relationships
To release yourself from all fear
To be here now and align yourself with your true purpose

Step 3 – The Finger Trigger

The mirror can be swivelled by simply bringing the first two fingers and the thumb, of either hand together. This trigger will automatically cause you to pause, step back and relax. You can snap into the right frame of mind. Your control is at your fingertips.

There is a lot of energy in our fingertips. As soon as you relax, the fingers automatically curl in and even though they are not touching, they close the energy circuit, you relax and go into the Alpha state.

Main uses:

For instant relaxation
To stop reactionary behaviour patterns
To swivel the Mental Mirror from black to white
For activating memory (Studying)
Finding a parking place (See Step 3 of Training DVD)
To help in finding misplaced items (See Step 3 of Training DVD)
For anchoring good experiences

Step 4 – The Water Technique

What happens if you neglect to use the Finger Trigger? Suddenly your negative thought patterns have energised the black frame. You feel depressed, stuck in your old pattern, you are going to be saying, “I don’t know what to do?!” This is where Step 4 comes in.

When you are working with the black and white frame, you do not have to go all the way back the past or to the original incident to change these patterns, you simply change the current version. Through deep relaxation you can access the deep Alpha state of mind, commonly known as the sub-conscious. All your experiences since birth are recorded as thought patterns in the sub-conscious. As there is no time and space at this level of mind, these patterns can be changed regardless of how long ago they were formed. The 5 Step MindFrame Technique® addresses this change.

 Main uses:

Important events
Backup for the Finger Trigger
Hand over questions to the subconscious mind
Swivel Mirror from Black to White
Anchoring good experiences

Step 5 – Meditation

The purpose of this meditation technique is twofold: Firstly, it will deepen your Alpha state and train the mind to be focused and single minded at any time. Secondly, it will enable you to work towards transcending the mind and achieve the ultimate goal of man, which is to open up the Delta or spiritual side of life. Every night when we go to sleep we enter the Delta level. Here there is no thought and no action.

This step can be used as a stand-alone meditation technique whenever you wish to contact the inner-self and experience peace and calm that comes from within.

Main uses:

To focus the mind
Open ‘Delta’ to attain Self-Realisation






Demonstrates amazing results achieved on TV on how this simple, powerful technique works. Lots of inspirational sayings and affirmations are used with music to create a powerful, relaxing tool to getting you into Alpha. Enjoy the deep relaxation experience at the end of this DVD.


Full, audio-visual explanation and training of the 5 Steps.


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