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Cure alcoholism through holistic hypnotherapyHow can self-hypnosis help you overcome alcoholism without willpower or medication?  Terry Winchester has spent almost of forty years honing and perfecting the brain child of his youth – a powerful and life-changing five step hypnotherapy technique called MindFrame.  Through the decades of his work and the countless patients he has treated, Terry has come to appreciate the reality of a benevolent universe that gives us what we seek; we just need to know where to look!

In modern society we face tremendous pressures in our daily lives - work and financial worries, ill-health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and stress etc.  All of these issues, especially if they build up and are not dealt with on an emotional level, can result in people seeking solace in excessive alcohol use.  Drinking may numb the pain temporarily, but long-term alcohol abuse has dire health implications and can destroy relationships and careers.

The most difficult aspect for the recovering alcoholic to deal with is not the detoxification phase, but the constant battle to stay away from the destructive behavioural pattern for the rest of their lives.  A momentous battle is created by an internal conflict between the subconscious mind, which is programmed to seek out the substance, and the conscious mind, which tries to use willpower to combat the temptation.

Break the cycle of addiction without medication or willpowerThe Twelve Step program advocated by the various support groups in dealing with addictions such as alcohol only helps the addict to cope. It does not dispel the illusion of separation from the Truth, which could permanently cure the sufferer.  To tell a person that they must fight the addictive pattern for the rest of their life puts a tremendous unnecessary burden on the addict. If the misperceptions and faulty thought patterns that led the person to abuse a substance is reversed and the body is allowed to detoxify properly, there is no reason why an alcoholic cannot go back to social drinking.

Although Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Rehab Centres do a wonderful job at the level at which they work, all their efforts are undone when the addict relapses. This battle simply cannot be won by creating inner-conflict between the subconscious and the conscious minds.  The only way to permanently cure an addiction is to turn around the faulty pattern while in the relaxed Alpha state. A relapse is always possible, unless and until the original misperception is cleared and the karmic lesson behind the destructive addiction is understood.

Here at The Winchester Foundation we offer a comprehensive, holistic hypnotherapy program.  It effectively helps you overcome alcoholism and the obsessive behavioural problems which cause it without willpower or the use of medication.  By learning to change your mind and access the deeply relaxed Alpha state, you can beat any problem by simply changing your negative thought patterns around.  Few of us realize the untapped power we have within to alter our life paths if we choose to.

Solve alcoholism without willpower or medicationThe MindFrame Technique can be used by people from all circumstances and walks of life to change negative attitudes and attain joy, harmony and enlightenment. Having challenged the spiritual tenets and laws of this limitless universe, Terry has realized that, with the right mind-set, you can turn your life around as easily as with a simple click of your fingers. Each of us can use what is inherently ours; we just have to learn how to harness it.

The MindFrame Technique will reprogram the subconscious mind to ‘autopilot’.  You can overcome any problem, learn that your point of power is right now and choose to see yourself differently.  By going through the program, seemingly insurmountable problems such as dysfunctional behaviour, chronic illness, substance abuse, anxiety and depression etc can be beaten once and for all as you gravitate back to a natural state of perfect health and happiness.

Bring illusions to Truth with MindFrameThe MindFrame Technique will give you 5 simple steps to take back your life. Hypnosis is a natural cure for all of the problems to which traditional medicine attaches a diagnosis and a frightening acronym.  We call these syndromes misperceptions because they all start in the mind and have the same basis, fear.  As all fear is an illusion based on past faulty thought patterns, it is easy to bring it to truth and become master of your own destiny.  

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