MindFrame Master Retreat
 in the African bush

Free 10 day African safari for all participants

An opportunity of a life time

The MindFrame process illustrates the magic of the mind and how we can achieve anything thing we want.

The Winchester Foundation has made it easy for you to immediately realise your greatest dreams through the MindFrame Technique.
We have done this because it is our dream that you materialize yours!

Do you dream of at least two of the following?...

Having your own prosperous business...
Waking up in the morning and being excited about your day...
Travelling the world and helping people...
Knowing your true purpose and getting on with it...
Spending 10 days in the African Bush with all expenses paid...

Then realize your dream now...

If it is true that whatever you visualize will come about why haven't you already achieved all of your dreams and attained the health, wealth and happiness we have all been looking for.

Well here is your chance...

Be our guest at the Kruger Gate Hotel for a ten day experience that will turn your life around. This magical adventure amongst the lions and elephants in the exciting African bush will not only set you on a path to achieving your life long goals but will remind you that in truth there is nothing to do and nowhere to go because we have already arrived.

What is going to happen?  

You arrive at the Kruger Gate Hotel on the Friday afternoon under you own steam...

After settling in, there will be cocktails on the deck while natures majestic creatures sort out their pecking order on the river banks below (If you haven't already seen 'The Battle at Kruger' click here)

After sun set we will gather around the camp fires for our first evening meal under the stars while Zulu dancers entertain us.

On Saturday morning between a scrumptious breakfast and an traditional African lunch we master the first two steps of the MindFrame Technique.

After lunch you can rest or go on your first game drive to hopefully meet up with the 'big five'

After early dinner we complete the next two steps of the MindFrame Technique and prepare for the inspiring start of the Delta Seminar.

The next morning is free to network, soak up the African sun by the pool, or venture into the Kruger Park again to enjoy one of the best wild life encounters in the world.

After lunch you venture inward through meditation and visualization to master the True Self. This is an intensive event that will allow you to break through any remaining barriers that evaded you during the Alpha Seminar the day before.

Monday morning facilitation training begins after breakfast. For the following six hours you will learn how to facilitate the MindFrame process. The evening is free to sit around the camp fire and discuss your new life with your fellow travellers.

Tuesday we meet for meditation and awareness games - afternoon off - read go through the book 'Only your thoughts can upset you' - then questions on book and Delta workshop exercises in the evening.

Wednesday  morning off - after lunch facilitation training into evening if necessary.

Thursday - MindFrame Hypnosis induction techniques - afternoon off - practice in evenings.

Friday - therapy all day

Saturday - fill in and practice

Sunday meditation before breakfast - After breakfast round off and graduation.   

Contact us for further details:
+2711 706 5447


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The powerful MindFrame Technique was developed by Terry Winchester.